Elbert Lee Guillory is an outspoken former Democrat Louisiana State Senator who is sick and tired of the tricks of the Left. Listen to him explain the truth about how the Left is using young college students to push their agenda in an effort to regain power in politics, while destroying our right to free speech

“Who is silencing political speech, physically attacking those with divergent views, demanding that every American share one single  ideology. But sadly, the real truth is that these violent agitators have little idea about why they march. Theirs is a movement with no cause, a temper tantrum with no purpose. They are a generation lost in space….a propaganda arm of the party of disappointment. If I were wrong, would Hillary Clinton really be their standard bearer? These rioters are being manipulated by big government forces who need them to regain political power…” 

If you’d like to help former Democrat Guillory spread his tough love message of truth by exposing the lies of the left, you may contribute to his Free at Last PAC by clicking HERE.

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