Yesterday, former DNC Associate Communications Director TJ Helmstetter was kicked out of The Hill County BBQ in DC after he confronted a MAGA hat-wearing customer. According to Helmstetter, who bragged about his embarrassing behavior, he told the stranger wearing the MAGA hat, “we don’t tolerate racism in this city.” According to Helmstetter, that’s when the MAGA hat-wearing man’s girlfriend stepped in and poked her finger in his chest. It was at that point, that the management at the restaurant asked Helmstetter to leave. Helmstetter complained that the woman was not asked to leave after she “assualted” (he misspelled “assaulted”) him.

Just got thrown out of Hill Country DC for standing up to a Nazi. Don’t go there ever again. They support Trump and Nazis.

When Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel asked for details, TJ Helmstetter responded, saying:

Guy wears MAGA hat at my favorite restaurant. I say “hey are you from dc?” He says “no.” I say “we don’t tolerate racism in this city.” His girlfriend then physically jabs fingers into my chest and starts threatening me. Management tells me to leave, not woman who assaulted me.”

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Helmstetter continued:

“And for the record I have been going to Hill Country since before they had a DC location. I lived in NY in my 20s and have been going since 2007.”

Finally, the former DNC associate communications director tweeted:

To be clear, it is the Nazi’s 1st amendment right to wear racist shit in public. And it is decent people’s 1A right to tell them they are racist pieces of shit. He exercised his 1A right, and I exercised mine. mgmt chose to protect the Nazi’s right but not mine.

Just called the manager there and his answer was “we are an equal opportunity restaurant who welcomes all political viewpoints” before hanging up on me. cool, except MAGA hats actually make clear that POC and LGBT are not welcome at all.

And for the record, the Nazi’s girlfriend assualted (misspelled) me by jabbing her fingers into my chest repeatedly, and I simply backed up. Yet I was told to leave, not the Nazi or his Nazi girlfriend.

Helmstetter got destroyed on Twitter for his embarrassing whining over being poked in the chest by a woman:

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Conservative personality Arthur Schwartz tweeted:

I used to live around the corner from Hill Country and knew the owner. Have no idea what his politics are but I do know that he probably wouldn’t tolerate someone harassing people in his restaurant. You know, the way you did.

Another Twitter user congratulated the Hill Country BBQ for taking the appropriate action to remove the hateful leftist hack:

Great job for not allowing people to harass customers based on a hat they are wearing. Thank you! I’d be afraid to dine around whoever that guy is. He sounds like he could go postal at anytime on something else silly.

Jason Howerton reminded TJ that people like him who are labeling people who wear the MAGA hat as “racists,” is the reason Trump will win again in 2024.

“Miss Millie” told Helmstetter that she’ll be sure to check out the Hill Country BBQ next time she’s in DC.

Hahahahahaa!! Welcome to Twitter. Where you can openly brag about your bigotry and somehow still think you’re the good guy. , I’ll be sure to check you out next time I’m in DC.

Bethany Mandel who is married to Seth Mandel suggested that if the whiny Democrat can’t handle seeing people wearing a MAGA hat in public, that he should consider getting takeout in the future.

The best response to Helmstetter’s tweet came from Gad Saad, a Jewish professor, author, and classic liberal, who referred to Helmstetter as a castrated and lobotomized fascist.

This individual is emboldened by his supposed right to confront people wearing MAGA hats. I on the other hand support the right of Holocaust deniers to spew their BS and I’m Jewish. Therein lies the difference between a classical liberal and a castrated and lobotomized fascist.

The lesson here? If you’re a liberal snowflake, don’t try to push around the girlfriend of a MAGAhat-wearing man.

Tell us what you think should have happened to the deranged Democrat? Should he have been arrested for disturbing the peace when he confronted customers in a restaurant who were minding their own business? When will this insanity stop? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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