Former ESPN anchor Sage Steele said the company attempted to censor her from discussing transgender collegiate swimmer Lia Thomas.

Steele disobeyed the company’s order and said protecting women’s sports was a hill she was prepared to “die on.”

“I was asked to stop tweeting about it. I was asked to stop doing anything, saying anything about it on social media because I was ‘offending’ others at the company,” Steele told The Daily Wire.

“I made sure I sent off another tweet that night after I received that email. Because, no, let’s stop living in this lie,” she added.

The Daily Wire reports:

Steele noted that ESPN allowed other public figures at the company to speak about other issues, seemingly political issues, that had nothing to do with sports, while she was asked to stop speaking.

“I’m like, no, no, no, no, no. If we’re gonna preach on ESPN, and all of these things, then I’m gonna stand up for all these women — many of whom are afraid to do what Riley Gaines is doing, to do what I’m doing, at a much lesser level than Riley.”

“I actually said this to myself,” Steele said, “This is a hill I will die on, 100%.”

“These are facts, this is science, this is biology — come at me, tell me I’m wrong, tell me to stop supporting women,” Steele continued. “Go ahead, tell me.”


Just the News added:

ESPN suspended Steele in October 2021 after she spoke against COVID-19 vaccine mandates, among other things, on football player Jay Cutler’s podcast. She later filed a lawsuit against the network, and she left ESPN after the parties settled the lawsuit in August 2023.

Thomas’ participation on the collegiate team brought transgender athletes into the spotlight as the swimmer set records and dominated competitions against women.

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