Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom had this to say to Lou Dobbs tonight about James Comey:

Look at a picture of someone who’s a narcissist, you’ll see Comey.

He’s out of his mind.

What he’s done criminally & the federal violations he put himself into at the bureau.

He now has zero support in the FBI.

Kallstrom has had much to say about Comey in the past but this is the strongest language yet.

Maybe it was the comments made after today’s hearing by Comey:

Here’s his statement. Note that he blows over A question about leaking classified information from Fox News’ Catherine Herridge after he had just insulted the network:

Kallstrom’s previous comments on Comey below:


“He threw the reputation of the FBI under the bus…”

Wow! This is a pretty stinging rebuke of a man who knew him well…

Former FBI agents don’t seem as surprised as the rest of the world that James Comey was fired by President Trump today.

In fact, some of them are quite satisfied.

Fox News had several former FBI assistant directors on their broadcast Tuesday night to discuss former FBI Director James Comey’s firing, and they all said his recent behavior made this move rather predictable.

James Kallstrom, former FBI Assistant Director, said he is “glad it happened.” –Daily Caller


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