Daniel Weldon is a great example of a young American who stands up for what he believes in.

On the Fourth of July, Weldon went across campus at the University of Florida to grab a late-night snack and was met with a group of angry anti-Trump locals.

He posted what happened on Facebook and has recieved over 600 positivie responses:

So last night I was assaulted for wearing a Maga hat and pin.

I went out last night to celebrate the Fourth. Me and Alex had a good time but we parted ways and I wanted food. I’m at Pita Pit and I get surrounded by like 7 guys and girls. They start yelling at me bc of what im wearing (Hat and pin). They were calling me names and saying how awful of a person I was (I’m saying back this is why we’re winning in 2020). The 4 or 5 girls start pushing me and punching. I’m a former college linebacker so I can take a hit and it’s not a big deal right? But one snatched my hat and tried to throw it away while another ripped my pin and tossed it. The dudes they were with actually ended up de-escalating the situation after the girls got violent and pulled them outside. I use the restroom and come back to one of them giving me the bird ???? I got food and spoke with a police officer. He told me this wasn’t the first time this happened at the University of Florida. I was disgusted when he told me this and unfortunately, I’ve seen similar situations through my time here. Some libs are violent and will lash out on Conservatives at this school. They didn’t know me but what I wore made them so angry that they attacked me.

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I’m never going to back down from supporting President Donald J. Trump!

Weldon is a former linebacker for the Florida Gators and could have pummeled the group but chose to stand down.

Now, Weldon is fighting back and has filed a police report against the people who assaulted him


He has pictures of some of the attackers that he gave to police. Let’s hope these thugs get what’s coming to them…an arrest!

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