Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar ripped U.S. diplomat Elliott Abrams during a hearing that took place before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday. Abrams was recently appointed by President Donald Trump to be the U.S. Special Envoy to Venezuela.

During her line of questioning, Omar questioned the trustworthiness of Abrams because of the longtime diplomat’s role in the Iran-Contra scandal of the 1980s. Abrams was convicted of unlawfully withholding information from Congress in 1991. Omar also erroneously referred to him as “Mr. Adams.”

“I fail to understand why members of this committee of the American people should find any testimony that you give today to be truthful,” Omar said. – Daily Caller

When Mr. Abrams attempted to defend himself, after being labeled a liar by the anti-Semitic Congresswoman, Omar refused to allow him to speak, telling him she wouldn’t allow the Jewish-American diplomat to respond to her vile allegation against him because it was her time to shine. Omar, who President Trump says has no business serving on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, over her blatant anti-Semitic views, continued with her line of questioning, doing her best to malign the Jewish-American diplomat.

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Ryan Saavedra called out Omar for clipping her the first part of her exchange with Elliot Abrams that exposed her horrible treatment of the well-respected American diplomat, asking her, “Why did you cut out the first part of your interaction with Elliott Abrams?” Saavedra asked.

The proud former KKK Grand Wizard, David Duke, retweeted Omar’s “clash” with the “Zionist war criminal”

Rep. Omar clashes with Zionist war criminal.

Most of the comments about Omar’s shameful performance were negative.

The president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, M. Zuhdi Jasser, ripped into Omar, telling the accused domestic abuser and former congressman Keith Ellison whose seat Omar won in 2018: “You have given birth to a corrupt Islamist pedestrian hack who can barely pronounce @OIC_OCI tyrannical pablum about an American patriot @Elliott_Abrams. Shame on every constituent that voted for @IlhanMN”

Congratulations and the 5th District of Minnesota! You have given birth to a corrupt Islamist pedestrian hack who can barely pronounce tyrannical pablum about an American patriot . Shame on every constituent that voted for

President Ronald Reagan’s son, Michael Reagan tweeted that Rep. Omar “scares the hell out of me” saying, “I am scared for my children & grandchildren and for America” asking his followers to #prayforamerica

Pro-Africa advocate Obianuju Ekeocha tweeted her disgust for the Somali immigrant: I hate that I’m even commenting about this person but it’s hard not to. This girl is the worst version of Africa. The very worst of us. Rude, crude and a bully…

Africa & Middle East Public Policy & Security Expert, Mr. Aye Dee responded to Omar’s ignorance:

El Salvador’s Atlacatl Battalion was responsible for the massacre, the El Salvadoran govt apologized and then in 1993, it gave amnesty to all those involved. Attacking Abrams as if he personally led the detachment of troops involved is ridiculous.

Pastor Steven Soloman calls Omar “an embarrassment to all Americans” asking “God Almighty” to “help our nation recover from such insanity.”

The point where the anti-Semitic lawmaker tells Elliott Abrams that “no” means “yes.”

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