Former Marine, Shane Kohfield, 32, had to surrender all five of his guns because of what he said against Antifa at a protest.

Kohfield said that he would “slaughter” Antifa members in self-defense if attacked.

Kohfield felt people weren’t being protected against Antifa: “I was watching on the news that the city of Portland did nothing to protect the people against Antifa. I figured I’d show up to protect these people.”

He recently had the five weapons including an AR-15 rifle confiscated by the FBI.

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This temporary seizure of Kohfield’s guns is because of Oregon’s “red flag” law. The law allows law enforcement agencies and family members to seek a court order to have weapons taken away from an individual viewed as potentially violent.

Be careful what you say in these states that now have “red flag laws”: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington and the District of Columbia.

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Fox News reports that Kohfield was not charged with any crime but had to surrender the guns, according to Phil Lemman, Oregon’s acting deputy state court administrator.

Oregon Live reports on the history of the law:

On the heels of a gun suicide in one lawmaker’s family and amid confessions of domestic violence in another’s, the Oregon Legislature narrowly passed a law in 2017 giving judges discretion to pry guns from people not convicted of a crime who show signs they might shoot themselves or someone else.

Under the new law, police, family members or roommates can petition a judge for an “extreme risk protection order” barring gun possession. If an order is granted, the person named in it has 24 hours to turn over all guns to law enforcement, a qualified third party or gun dealer. The order stands for a year but can be extended indefinitely by a judge.

Do you believe this is a slippery slope that will harm an American’s right to bear arms?

Will Americans have to watch what they say now or else their guns will be confiscated?


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