Former Michael Cohen lawyer, Robert Costello, said Michael Cohen is a liar and Trump is innocent, following an interview with Manhattan’s DA and the grand jury. Costello noted that he has nothing to gain by coming forward but is trying to tell the truth to the grand jury about what took place. He continued saying he is reading lies promoted by one side and that if there is solid evidence to go after Trump, then fine, but Michael Cohen, who is a convicted perjurer, is far from factual evidence.


During an interview, Costello also told Tucker Carlson that Cohen vowed to do whatever was necessary to avoid spending even one day in jail. Costello continued saying during his questioning; he ignored the DA’s questions that attempted to skirt the truth and told them the truth anyway. Costello notes that he delivered two hours of grand jury testimony in Manhattan specifically against the interests of the prosecution and what Alvin Bragg is attempting to construct.
Carlson asked Costello about the Democrat political agenda, evidenced by the line of questioning,
“If you were the DA, if you were a prosecutor and you were trying to be fair and honest and serve the law rather than a political agenda, you would want to know that, wouldn’t you?”
“Absolutely,” Costello responded; he went on to explain that he told the DA and the grand jury that he was the deputy chief of the criminal division of the U.S. attorneys for the Southern District and would not touch a witness like Cohen for any amount of money, that he was not trustworthy. According to Costello, Cohen also tried to deny that he had waived the attorney-client privilege with Robert Costello during his effort to get out of legal trouble while he was being tried in federal court. The waiver permits Robert Costello to share what happened with Michael Cohen behind the scenes while he was representing him. Costello waved the papers in the air, showing where Cohen had signed off on his attorney-client privileges. He also told Carlson that the DA’s office was unaware of the waiver agreement. Costello said Cohen had met with the DA more than twenty times but failed to disclose this vital piece of information. He asked, “Is this the kind of witness you want to ride to the finish line? not in my book!” Tucker responded, saying, “I think all they care about is the finish line.”

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