Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere, who formerly advised the New Black Panther Party in Ferguson, is under fire for some things he tweeted this week about the Freddie Gray case:


A few hours later, he followed up with another warning:


Milliere is a psychotherapist based in Ohio. His website credits him as the founder of the “Manic Aggression Personality Disorder,” which:

…is a mental illness merely affecting Africans, Africans born in America,or the Pan-African Community.

[Milliere] states, “This psycho-socio illusion, or personality disorder (or M.A.P.D.), is an isolated illness pertaining to the African race entirely – mimics [bipolar] and [schizophrenic] personality.

Whether he is in America, Africa, the Diaspora, or abroad he suffers psychologically and socially from the evils of this [[neurotic]] syndrome for two reasons.

Primarily, he suffers because the European (white) racist delusion of slavery encountered him as an animal. The term used is chattel (human cattle). Secondly, the culprit race, responsible for his inquisition refuse to take responsibility for the system of slavery and its damages, which is [[psychological]] or [[sociological]] in nature, they caused.
Though many took issue with his tweets, he doubled down, advocating the murder of any police officer:


And on Friday, advocated for groups of black men to walk around armed in self-defense:

Via: IJ Review

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