The tragic shooting at Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 students dead in February, after a deranged former student who had been on the radar of the FBI and local law enforcement, but for whatever reason, the 19-yr-old with a history of threatening behavior had dropped off their radar.  The mass killing of 17 high school students by a mentally unstable individual should have caused public outrage for our inept law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Instead, liberals directed their outrage at the NRA and legal gun owners.

For decades, liberals have unsuccessfully attempted to shame law-abiding gun owners, treating them like common criminals for daring to own, or God forbid, brandish a legal firearm. Such is the case with former NFL player and CBS Sports Analyst, Jay Feely, who defied all social constructs, that have been arbitrarily placed upon him by progressives when he posted what liberals consider a controversial prom picture on Twitter. In the photo, Feely can be seen with his smiling daughter and her smirking boyfriend, while he stands between them, holding an unloaded gun, using all of the proper gun safety precautions.

Feely tweeted: “Wishing my beautiful daughter and her date a great time at prom

After Feely was attacked on Twitter for having the audacity to post his personal picture on Twitter, he responded to the liberal haters, explaining that the image was intended to be a joke (a term liberals appear to be unfamiliar with). Feely explained: “The prom picture I posted was obviously intended to be a joke. My Daughter has dated her boyfriend for over a year and they knew I was joking. I take gun safety seriously (the gun was not loaded and had no clip in) and I did not intend to be insensitive to that important issue”

The emotional Twitter user “Wayenin” tried to tell Feely his photo made a “strong case that MANY GUN OWNERS SHOULD NOT OWN A GUN!!!”

The emotional Lorrianne Gilmore claimed that if her son was in this picture, she would have called the cops on him.

Logical Twitter user “Brandon,” asked the emotional “Lorianne”: “What would be your reasoning for calling the cops? Nothing illegal was done here.”

The emotional “Sarah” is concerned that Feely might be sending his daughter the wrong message, that she might not be in control of her own decisions.

This Twitter user put it all in perspective for the unhinged and emotional liberals or “SJW’s” (Social Justice Warriors) who couldn’t wrap their brains around the playful image, by explaining the father with a gun is a decades-old joke.

Liberal Lorenzo Washington has decided there’s a time limit on the decades-old joke and liberals have unilaterally decided that this joke is no longer funny.

And finally, logical Twitter user, Aaron Gerbig, points out that liberals just can’t take a joke…

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