Immediately following the worst terror attack on American soil, the media hailed then- NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani as a hero for his fearless handling of the terror attack and the aftermath of the attack on NYC. CBS produced a segment on Rudy Giuliani following the attack, where they hailed him as an incredible leader.


Remarkably, the media turned on Rudy Giuliani for the crime of throwing his support behind President Trump. Once he became part of Trump’s legal team, it was almost as though Rudy’s tremendous accomplishments as Mayor of New York City, and his remarkable handling of 9-11, never happened.

This morning, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss how the anti-American, leftist mobs are dividing America. The close personal friend of President Trump discussed the hatred for law enforcement and for America that’s permeating throughout the left.

Fox & Friends Steve Doocey began the segment with Rudy Giuliani by reminding everyone how Americans came together after the tragic terror attack on September 11, 2001. “There was more of a feeling of general patriotism then,” Guiliani said, adding, “That percentage of people that feel that is down.” He continued, “We didn’t have people taking a knee in those days to the National Anthem or people burning flags, ” adding, “We were long past” that movement that took place decades before 9-11.

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Rudy explained to the Fox & Friends hosts that it was much easier for Americans to come together and feel patriotic only 19 years ago, adding, “We weren’t having this kind of ‘Hate America’ movement that was going on.”


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Fox News Business host Maria Bartiromo interviewed Rudy Giuliani. Bartiromo reminded everyone of Rudy’s nickname, “America’s Mayor.” Giuliani credited the brave rescue workers, specifically NYC Police officers, Port Authority Police, and NYC firefighters, for saving between 7,000- 8,000 lives that day. Rudy asked everyone to remember that day when they’re criticizing the first responders.

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