THIS IS WHAT WE LOVE! Americans like Brandon Tatum who are speaking out on why they support President Trump! Tatum is a former police officer who is in charge of TPUSA’s Urban Engagement. He’s a rising star in conservative circles! He’s like Kanye West in that he’s openly supporting President Trump even though he’ll receive hate from his community over it.

The former Tucson, AZ officer tweeted out this comment with the video below: “Yeah I said it haters!! Trump is killing it! He has inspired me to not only fight against all odds, but serve more and have more pride in this country!!”

Brandon Tatum is a force to be reckoned with in his effort to change minds by opening up discussion in the black community. He’s so right on everything he says about what an inspiration President Trump is to so many people. He called out the media and their fake news over the Charlottesville anniversary:

In a tweet rich with sarcasm, Tatum calls out the naysayers on Trump’s awesome tweet about Charlottesville:

His YouTube video called “White Privilege My A**” is a hit:

Unafraid and willing to stand up for President Trump…Brandon Tatum is a GREAT PATRIOT!


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