Abraham Lopez, a former Puerto Rican resident who now resides in New Jersey, responded to Lady Gaga’s ridiculous and insulting video on Twitter, where she tried to pander to swing-state voters by dressing in camo and smashing an aluminum can of beer.

“Former Puerto Rican and Never Trumper here and I’m voting for President Trump,” he told her.

Lopez, a committeeman at the Republican National Hispanic Assembly told the Philadelphia Inquirer, “The Hispanic community, we’re not dumb. That law-and-order message is resonating.”

Lopez said he didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 because he found his rhetoric disconcerting. But since then Lopez has been swayed, he said, by Trump’s performance on the economy and particularly by his antiabortion stance

“Pro-family, pro-life, pro-economy,” he said, predicting that people who don’t think Trump can win Pennsylvania “are in for a rude awakening.”

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Lopez’s experience with bashing Trump in 2016 and after he’s seen what Trump has done to reduce taxes, defend religion and bring jobs to America, is voting for him in 2020. His situation is not unique.

Keep your eye on President Trump, Hispanics, many of who are conservative, pro-life Christians, are coming over to his side in droves.

This is Miami last night. Check out the love voters who the Democrats thought they had locked down, have for President Trump!

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