The former House Speaker wanted to call Biden after 1/6 and said that the 25th amendment would take “too long” to remove President Trump

After previous audio was leaked showing Former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy saying he would suggest to President Trump that he should resign, more leaked audio now reveals that he was determined to have Trump leave office early.

Representative McCarthy’s earlier leaked audio showed that he was going to push for President Trump to resign. Now, it shows that he said the 25th amendment would take “too long” to remove Trump from office.

McCarthy’s stance on the events of January 6th, 2021 was that protestors’, and the President’s actions, were “atrocious and totally wrong,” although he initially denied the comment.

The audio leaked by Rachel Maddow last month revealed the following statement from McCarthy to Liz Cheney:

McCarthy’s Full Quote

Now, a new portion of audio shows McCarthy suggesting the idea of pushing Cabinet members remove President Trump via the 25th amendment, although he lamented that the 25th takes “too long.”


From the Daily Mail:

Wednesday’s tape features House GOP floor director John Leganski telling McCarthy, seemingly of Trump, “I think the options that have been cited by the Democrats so far are the 25th Amendment, which is not exactly an elegant solution here.”

McCarthy responds: “That takes too long too. It could go back to the House, right?”

“Correct. If the President were to submit a letter overruling the Cabinet and the vice president, two-thirds vote in the House and the Senate to overrule the President. So it’s kind of an armful,” Leganski can be heard saying.

McCarthy also considered meeting with Biden, and even the idea of having Trump meet with Biden.

Although ultimately McCarthy voted against impeaching the President and has, in the time since the initial audio leak, attempted to get back on President Trump’s good side, his political future was initially uncertain after  the leak.

Now, however, it looks as though many of his critics in the House are willing to back his leadership bid, such as Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jim Jordan.


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