Former special assistant to President Trump, Boris Epshteyn went on War Room with Steve Bannon claiming that the Maricopa County audit report promises to be explosive. He says it’ll show an enormous vote swing in numbers from what was certified in January to the mountain of votes that were handed over in the audit.

“We are now days away from a report being turned over from the auditors to the Arizona State Senate … From what I understand, from what I am hearing, you are going to have in that report, …huge swings in numbers from the vote count that was certified to the mountain of votes that was [sic] turned over for the audit…”

And this is just in Maricopa County, Mr. Epshteyn says, reminding listeners that in AZ, the vote disparity between Trump and Biden state-wide, was a mere 10,000 votes! He claims that the report will allegedly show vote “swings of ballot counts of magnitudes of that…double, triple that” – in Maricopa County alone.


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Bannon roars into the conversation saying this is about “decertification of the electors… Cause once it’s below 270…all hell’s gonna break loose”.

He blasts social media platforms saying, “This was blocked by the Tech Oligarchs” adding, “…I don’t want to hear Republicans talking about 230…they’re public utilities and they ought to be seized.”

Mr. Bannon also says there should be a complete “drill-down on exactly what they did to suppress the information around this election and the run-up and then post that.” Fired up, he adds, “and what they did to take a sitting president, essentially in a coup’, a digital coup, to take him offline and suppress his voice.”

He ends his rant promising that the evidence will come out, “accountability and responsibility are going to be ascertained” using “data, the evidence, and the receipts.”

That’s great news for the 80 million-plus Americans that legally cast votes for Trump, and are watching daily as our country is being humiliated and decimated by America’s greatest enemy, the Democrat party.

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