The Left has effectively taken control of the media, big tech, and our judicial system.

Very few people take Facebook’s “fact-checkers” seriously. These so-called “arbiters of the truth” are left-wing activists who are part of the Democrat Party’s canceling mob. Along with their allies in the Democrat Party, they are hell-bent on taking down conservative influencers and news sites like ours who work tirelessly to expose the lies and propaganda they push on Americans every day, especially regarding COVID.

When America’s Frontline Doctors came out in support of hydroxychloroquine for COVID patients, the media, the Democrat Party, and so-called medical experts circled the wagons to not only discredit them but to ruin their careers and even their lives.

On Saturday, The Hill shared an op-ed written by a leftist activist and former Idaho Supreme Court Justice who actually believes doctors should have their licenses revoked if they share opinions about the FDA emergency approved shot for the CCP virus that doesn’t align with the narrative provided for them by the so-called “medical experts,” that’s delivered to the masses by the dishonest mainstream media.

Jim Jones, The Hill opinion contributor, writes: As a member of the Idaho Supreme Court for twelve years, I participated in many decisions involving negligence or misconduct by licensed physicians. Most of them were malpractice cases, seeking damages for negligence — violation of the established standard of care. There were also cases brought by the state board of medicine seeking to discipline a doctor for violation of the physician licensing law.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has produced a wide dichotomy between the conduct of medical professionals. The vast majority have worked to the point of exhaustion to keep the public free of infection and to save the lives of those who contract the virus. We owe them a great debt of gratitude. But there are a few vocal outliers who spread fear and misinformation, greatly hindering the effort to defeat the virus and save lives.

Several doctors across the country have risen to prominence of late by questioning the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines, which have proven to be safe and effective while touting alternate, unproven remedies. They use the facade of credibility derived from their medical license to mislead the public.

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In one case, a physician became a viral sensation for claiming that vaccines and masks are ineffective and that vitamin D, Ivermectin, and Hydroxychloroquine are effective remedies. Science and field experience indicate he is wrong on all counts. Over 98 percent of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths are occurring among the unvaccinated.

The activist judge doesn’t mention that within the article he cites to back up his claim that “98% of COVID hosptiatlizations and death are occuring among the unvaccinated” is this interesting disclaimer:

Citing limitations in the data, the CDC hasn’t estimated rates of hospitalizations and deaths among fully vaccinated people,but the findings of the data analysis reflect what’s being said by many health officials and experts, according to the AP.

So, in other words, there is no data to back up their claim about the unvaccinated death or hospitalization rate, but, instead, their finding relfects “what’s being siad by many helath officials and experts,” WHAT???

The question arises: What can be done about physicians who discourage the use of safe and effective preventive measures while promoting unproven or fake remedies? The American Medical Association (AMA) says that spreading misinformation violates the code of ethics that licensed doctors agree to follow. The Federation of State Medical Boards has recommended that states consider suspending or revoking licenses of doctors who share false medical claims. That may be easier said than done, however.

State medical boards certainly can discipline licensees for misconduct, particularly where it is intentional. But disciplinary action is generally limited by the language of licensing statutes.

Almost always, either in the malpractice setting or in a disciplinary proceeding, the doctor’s alleged improper conduct has resulted in injury to a patient under the doctor’s care. Apparently, lawmakers never contemplated that a licensed physician would intentionally conduct himself in such a manner as to jeopardize the health and safety of a wide swath of the public. Welcome to the current era, where science is often trumped by politics when it comes to responding to a rampaging, deadly virus.

We live in dangerous times, not just because we’re living through a pandemic that is making people sick and even causing many to die. We live in a time where people living in the freest nation in the world are sitting back and allowing their free speech to be ripped away by people who seek ultimate control, including control of our minds.

Debate is no longer welcome, and those who bravely dissent are in danger of losing their professional careers and having their lives destroyed by a cancel culture so evil it would make the KGB blush.

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