So far, the Biden regime’s decision to cut and run from Afghanistan with no real plan has resulted in the loss of 13 beloved military members and an untold number of deaths and injuries to individuals who were blown up by suicide bombers as they waiting desperately outside the Kabul airport on Thursday to be airlifted out of the Islamic hell-hole nation. As a result of their reckless withdrawal, the Biden regime has deserted over 1,500 American citizens tens of thousands of Afghan allies, who can no longer get to the only operating airport in Afghanistan. Billions of dollars in military equipment have been essentially donated to the Taliban terror group with strong ties to al Qaeda, and the release of thousands of ISIS terrorists who were imprisoned at the Bagram Airbase have also been released.

Hugh F. Culverhouse, Jr., the former owner of the Super Bowl-winning Tampa Bay Buccaneers, took out a brutal full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal blasting our incompetent “commander-in-chief” for his unimaginably reckless withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers owner, Hugh F. Culverhouse Jr.

The full-page ad that was paid for by Mr. Culverhouse reads: “Mr. President, Americans deserve better. Your impulsive actions, bias, and indecision in your crisis in Afghanistan have caused Americans eternal shame.” Signed, Hugh F. Culverhouse Jr.

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Although Hugh Culverhouse Jr. claims to be an Independent, the withdrawal of a $26.5 million gift to the University of Alabama over the state legislature’s anti-abortion law is not exactly in line with the Republican platform.

In June 2019, Culverhouse Jr. and his wife, Eliza, gave the university’s law school $26.5 million, the largest gift in Alabama’s 187-year history, resulting in the law school’s becoming the Hugh F. Culverhouse Jr. School of Law.

It looked to the world as if Culverhouse and his beloved Crimson Tide would roll together happily ever after. But in May, the Alabama Legislature passed the nation’s most restrictive anti-abortion law, enraging Culverhouse, who has a long history of supporting women’s reproductive rights. Culverhouse, as is his wont, didn’t merely pen a letter of protest or sign his name to a petition. He called for a full boycott of Alabama institutions, including urging prospective students to go elsewhere, an astonishing act for the largest benefactor in the school’s history and one that put him in the national spotlight. The University of Alabama responded by voting to return the money it had already received from Culverhouse, nearly $22 million, and removing his name from the law school before the paint had dried. The university then accused Culverhouse of not honoring his previous donation and trying to manipulate school policies. Culverhouse is not backing down, and wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post, urging people to take a stand against lawmakers who are restricting abortion rights across the country.

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