In an exclusive interview Monica Crowley, former US Assistant Secretary of Treasury, told Breitbart that the economic woes in America are intentional.
“This is all by design. We are already in a technical recession, two straight quarters of negative growth.”
Crowley believes Democrats are creating an economic catastrophe to strip power and control from the American people and place it in the hands of the government and complicit companies.
She went on, “They are simply buying time because they know things are going to get much worse. Again, it’s all intentional because they need that period of time of really bad economic collapse in order to slam through their socialist agenda.”

Crowley said the open borders are part of the plan to collapse the US economy, “With regard to the border, the reason [Joe Biden] is keeping it open is Cloward and Piven,” she stated. “This is all about overwhelming America’s systems in order to destroy them so that you can rebuild them in your own communist image.” Adding “That includes the open border. It’s about changing America’s demographics and imploding the country.”

The Cloward – Piven’s strategy is the creation of a political crisis leading to a guaranteed annual income and, essentially, to complete control of citizens through Communism. The plan originated in 1966 by the activist husband and wife duo Richard Cloward and Frances Piven.

According to Conduit for Action the

“Cloward-Pivens plan was also ahead of the curve on implementing generational welfare dependency because they highlight that “once eligibility for basic food and rent grants is established, the dram on local resources persists indefinitely.” Their target demographic was “a coalition between poor whites and poor Negroes.”

Their “ultimate aim of this strategy is a new program for direct income distribution”, also known throughout history as Socialism/Communism which has led to the death, despair, and depravity of hundreds of millions.

The four steps of the Cloward-Piven Strategy:

  1. Overload and Break the Welfare System
  2. Have Chaos Ensue
  3. Take Control in the Chaos
  4. Implement Socialism and Communism through Government Force”



This year the Mexican cartel’s income from smuggling illegals into America will hover around $13 billion, which looks like an attempt to overload and break the welfare system.

Crowley said the goal is to tear down what is, so the United States can be turned into a Marxist nation, “This is about imploding the U.S. economy so that they can rebuild it in this collectivist neo-Marxist vision. That’s all this is, and every line they have given to us about the economy — and, frankly, about everything else — has been a straight up lie on purpose.”


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