A former Waffle House employee in Austin, Texas went viral last week after she caught a chair that was thrown at her when a wild fight broke out at her restaurant.

The fight reportedly broke out after six people sat in a closed-off section of the restaurant and demanded immediate service despite a female employee asking them to move.

The employee, Hallie Booth, later explained the situation in a YouTube video. She said, “The six come in, they’re loud. They’re making noise. Cool. Everybody’s loud. Everybody’s drunk. It’s after last call, bars are closed so you can go home [or] you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here type thing.”

Booth continues, saying that one of the women in the group began to harass her, saying aloud, “I’m gonna make that white b**** cook my food,” referring to Booth.

Booth then told her manager that she would not cook food for the rude group and was going to kick them out, stating that “Waffle House and any restaurant has the right to refuse service for any reason as long as it is not a discriminatory reason.”

As the group became angrier, one of them got up on the counter, and another entered the employees’ area behind the bar. Booth then threw a sugar shaker at the two black women who were continuing to escalate the situation, making them become even more aggressive.

Another employee began to throw pans, and members of the unruly group began to physically fight Booth as the rest of the customers left the restaurant, watching the scene unfold from outside.

One of the women then began picking up metal chairs and throwing them at the employees. She aimed one directly at the head of Booth who was able to catch it in mid-air and throw it aside – the moment that caused the video to go viral. Booth was shortly nicknamed ‘Waffle House Wendy’ by social media users, many of whom began labeling her a “superhero.”

On Tuesday night, Booth appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson, where she told him she has been blacklisted by the chain.

During the interview, Carlson praised her for remaining so calm while being verbally and physically assaulted. “I assume you got some sort of award and special bonus from Waffle House corporate,” said Carlson.

“I actually didn’t get any bonus,” replied Booth. “The only thing that I did get from the fight was a write-up from the sugar shaker.”

Aside from the broken sugar shaker being taken out of her paycheck, she did get some mild praise for protecting herself, her fellow employees, and the store.

Later on, when Booth tried to get a job at a different Waffle House location in a different state a couple of months later, she was informed she had been blacklisted from the restaurant chain.

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