The haters were out in full force yesterday when the announcement came out that former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer would appear on Dancing With The Stars.

The host of the show ‘Tom Bergeron, even sent out a tweet apologizing for Spicer’s selection as a contestant on the show (see below).

#BoycottDWTS was trending on Twitter because the left is outraged that a former member of the Trump administration is on the show…Pathetic

The host of DWTS got a response from Spicer:

“I’m very comfortable with who I am, I’ve never really cared what they think. I’m not going to care now.”

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Spicer added that he would thing having him on the show would be a great way to bring people together: Having a “diverse group of people can help instill a greater degree of stability and respect among people in this country.”

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Dancing With The Stars host Tom Bergeron isn’t happy with ABC over their announcement that Sean Spicer will be appearing on the show this season.

The announcement was made today that former Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer will take a twirl on the dance floor on the popular show that pairs professional dancers with people who are famous from every walk of life.

Bergeron tweeted out his objection to having a political figure on the show this year because he wants the fans to be able to get away from the “exhausting political climate”. Take one look at Bergeron’s Twitter account (see below) and you’ll see he’s a big anti-Trumper so he is fibbing on the need to get away from politics. He just doesn’t like anyone associated with the Trump administration.

Bergeron wrote:

If you were wondering if this had been a Democrat if Bergeron would object, you can wonder no longer:

Bergeron tweeted: “Two things you don’t see in the White House now: Integrity & books. Happy Birthday Barack Obama.”

As predicted, the left is fuming about Spicer being on the show and have vowed to boycott. So the irony is that the left brought in politics and division instead of being good sports and accepting Spicer as a contestant.

Bergeron took a veiled swipe at Spicer on Good Morning America: “The nice thing is Sean will be in charge of assessing audience size.”

Spicer said he’ll “work really, really, really hard every day,” to stay in the competition.


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