Desperate times call for desperate measures…

Democrats have switched gears from accusing President Trump of quid pro quo to now accusing him of bribery; reaction from former Whitewater independent counsel Robert Ray.

Never Trumper Neil Cavuto is even in agreement with Robert Ray on the ridiculous impeachment hearings by Democrats. Some great points from Ray on why this impeachment effort is a total sham:

“We don’t impeach over policy differences.” ~ Robert Ray

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It’s hard to believe the Democrats could go on with this charade after all three witnesses had zero evidence of wrongdoing by President Trump. One moment in particular from Friday’s hearing makes anyone with half a brain wonder why this impeachment hearing is happening:

Former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch testified at the impeachment hearing of President Trump on Friday and stunned with her answers. The big question is why she was called to testify because she stated during the hearing she has no information of criminal activity by President Trump.

At one point in the hearing, Rep. John Radcliffe even said the hearing would be better suited as an HR (Human Resources) meeting for Yovanovitch, who was fired by President Trump.

A video clip from the hearing below:

Rep. Chris Stewart

Ambassador Yovanovitch said: “no,” I don’t have any information of any criminal activity by President Trump despite the fact that she was called as a witness in the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

The entire video of Rep. Stewart’s questioning:

Democrats should shut this sham down. It will only backfire on them.


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