Former ABC News anchor, Sam Donaldson, appeared on CNN to explain the problem with Trump supporters.

The man who spent his entire career pretending to be objective, is no longer hiding his hatred for anyone who isn’t on the Democrat Party’s team.

Donaldson told the CNN hosts, “The Trump rallies are Trump’s strong supporters,” Donaldson said, as he appeared to be slurring his words. “I mean, ‘Lock her up,’ I mean, all the things he says, all the viscous mean things he says—they love it. They are these people of this country. They’re good Americans otherwise. They’ll probably give you the shirt off their back. They’ll help you if you need it. But they have this fixation. They want to return this country to the white, Christian country that they believe it shold be again.” Donaldson continued, making an ugly, blanketed statement about half of America, saying, ” They don’t want the diversity. They follow him for who he is.” Donaldson then assured the hosts that America is going to come back to the “diverse country” that we are.

“I like the optimism, Sam,” the sniveling CNN host Brian Stelter tells the delusional, former anchor.

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