Are Americans really shocked that teens were boldly having sex  in front of beachgoers? Is anyone really shocked that a crowd of onlookers were cheering them on?  This summer, adults, as well as young children attended a “Julius Caesar” play in Central Park and watched our current President being stabbed to death by a violent mob, while the audience cheered, so why should anyone be shocked by these teens behavior? Where do Americans draw the line between what’s acceptable or what’s not acceptable? Are we now living in a liberal utopian world where everything is acceptable, as long as it makes you feel good?

Four teenagers were arrested for allegedly having sex in the sea in full view of a large crowd of beachgoers in Cape Cod during July Fourth celebrations.

Four teens – Julianna Murphy, 19; Stephen Cerrone, 19; Lukas Kaminski, 19; and Molly Hines, 18 – were charged Wednesday with disorderly conduct, according to Cape Cod Times.

Hines and Murphy are both natives of Penfield, New York, a small town just outside Rochester

Video of the teens being arrested went viral on social media, with the person who captured the incident adding the caption: ‘Talk about fireworks!’

Three of those who appeared in court on Wednesday are alleged to have taken part in the sex acts, according to Fox 25.

The four teens are seen above during their court appearance in Dennis, Massachusetts. The four made efforts to shield their faces from the public after they walked out of court on Wednesday

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Kaminski was arrested because he allegedly refused police orders to vacate the area where the other teens were being detained.
A fifth teen, a 17-year-old male who had allegedly taken part in the public dalliance, was also arrested, but his status as a juvenile prevents the media from revealing his identity. – Daily Mail


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