Fox 45 Baltimore is reporting on the growing controversy after a teacher’s unhinged lesson slide compared President Donald Trump to Nazism and Communism.

The big question is where else is this happening across America?

Upset parents are outraged that a slide against President Trump was shown in history class at  Loch Raven High School.

What’s even worse, the statement from the school (see below) is outrageous!

A statement from the Baltimore County Public Schools said the topics in the discussion included “World Wars and the attempts by some leaders to limit, or prevent migration, into certain countries.” The remainder of the statement is below the video:

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The statement tries to make excuses for the image:

There is no excuse for it!

This AP slide that compares President Trump to Communism and Nazism has no place in any high school or college:

The statement claims it was not meant to make a political statement.

Does anyone believe that?

The top of the photo discusses Trump wanting to build a wall and the bottom has a photo of the Nazi and Communist symbols that says, “Been there…Done that.

On the side of the image, there is a comment: “Oh, THAT is why it sounds so familiar!”

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