Fox News host Steve Doocy poked fun on Monday at Democrats’ new slogan, “better jobs, better wages, better future,” which some have been comparing to the slogan of Papa John’s pizza restaurants.

Rep. David Cicilline (D., R.I.) spoke with Doocy about the new slogan to promote congressional Democrats’ economic agenda that has been the subject of some funny responses because of its similarity to the Papa John’s slogan: “Better ingredients. Better pizza. Papa John’s”

Doocy couldn’t resist a jab at Cicilline over the copycat slogan the Dems just ripped off from Papa John’s Pizza: “Before you go, though, I know you were in on the new slogan, ‘better jobs, better wages, better future.’ You realize online people are saying, ‘You know that sounds an awful lot like the Papa John’s commercial,’ you know that, right?”

Cicilline tried to defend his HUGE mistake: “Well, of course. Look, better, there’s no trademark on the word ‘better’ from Papa John’s, of course, and obviously they don’t have an economic agenda.”

The line of the day is when Doocy decides to call John Podesta “Papa Podesta”…

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