Political strategist and Fox News political analyst Donna Brazile spoke at the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit this weekend. She made sure she used the race card every chance she had during the summit.

She proudly resurrected the moment on Fox News (see video below), where she told the RNC Chairwoman to “go to hell”…waving her finger in the air, she boasted about how she “had to tell that woman to go to hell” because she “knows her facts.”

Brazile also said if President Trump is reelected, you will be on your knees for the next four years. Of course, there was no one to contradict Brazile with the FACT that black unemployment has never been lower.  It’s a shame that a woman who has had great success in life is bad-mouthing a president who has made life better for ALL Americans. Who is the divisive one here?

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“Over the next 241 days, if you’re not up on your feet and voting, you will be on your knees for the next four years.”

Brazile even brought race into the discussion on the coronavirus:

“Corona ain’t gone kill us. Slavery didn’t kill us. Jim Crow didn’t kill us. We faced the Ku Klux Klan. We have faced storms. We have stood the test of time, and if God be with us, nobody can be against us!”


Former DNC chair and Fox News commentator, Donna Brazile, came unhinged during a Fox News interview with RNC chair Ronna McDaniels. Brazile is most well known for handing Hillary Clinton questions to the CNN Democratic Party debate in 2016, while working for the cable network, in an effort to help her beat Bernie Sanders in the debate.

Brazile was asked by Fox News hosts Sandra Smith and Ed Henry if Democrats are working together to knock Socialist Bernie Sanders out of the top spot on the Democratic Party ticket.

An angry Brazile responded, “First of all, I wanna talk to our Republican colleagues, Stay the hell out of our race!” She continued with her unhinged rant, “I get sick and tired of listening to Republicans telling us about our process.”

Brazile accused Republicans of using “Russian talking points to sow division” with voters.

A clearly exasperated Brazile lashed out at the RNC chair, pointing her finger and shouting, “So Ronna, go to hell! Go to hell!”

Stunned, the Fox News host, Ed Henry responded to Brazile’s unhinged and aggressive remarks with a whimper, “Whoa!”

A very aggressive Brazile told the hosts, “This notion that Democrats are out there trying to put hurdles or roadblocks before one candidate—that’s stupid!” She continued, “They are scared of Democrats coming together to stop Donald Trump.”

“To infer that we’re trying to put one candidate before the other—-it’s not true,” a defensive Brazile, who was caught doing the exact same thing in the last election, boldly told the hosts.

Watch the fiery exchange here:

Donna Brazile perfectly represents today’s unhinged Democratic Party.

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