Has anyone else out there noticed the total bias with promotion of certain candidates running for president? I’ve noticed who they’re supporting like never before. I should say I’ve noticed who they detest also…Trump No matter which candidate you support, this isn’t fair to the American people who really want the truth in the media to come back. FOX is now no better than the liberal leaning CNN and MSNBC. Watch with caution after you read this excellent piece about the connections between big business, politics and the push for mass immigration to America. Yes folks, it’s all about cheap labor and money…

Mr. Rupert’s most visible investment is Fox’s princess Megyn Kelly, who just coincidentally signed a book deal with another of Ruperts’ business interests, Harper Collins books.

Murdoch is a long time supporter of Senator Marco Rubio. The Fox News head even structured media coverage on behalf of Rubio during the Gang-of-Eight legislative fiasco in 2013.

Mr. Murdoch, who is also leading the executive decision-making on Fox programming, also contracts pollster Frank Luntz to appear on Fox News broadcasting during the 2016 election cycle.

[…] since June, Murdoch has been attending Ailes’s daily executive meeting held on the second floor of Fox headquarters. The secretive afternoon gathering in Ailes’s conference room is attended by about a half-dozen of the network’s most senior lieutenants. It’s where some of the most sensitive decisions about running the channel are discussed. (link)

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Frank Luntz has sub-contracts with Marco Rubio and a long-term relationship with Rubio going back to the Freshman Senator’s time in the Florida Legislature. Rubio alone has paid Luntz $350,000+

Frank Luntz focus groups regularly find Marco Rubio as the winner of debate and opinion programming.

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The executive in charge of Fox News debate programming, debate questioning and debate structure is Bill Sammon. (circled below)


The Washington Post has an outline describing how Bill Sammon runs the entire show at Fox regarding debates; and how he is the person who Chris Stirewalt, Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace and Brett Baier directly report to for all debate issues, construction, and question organization.

In essence, Bill Sammon runs the show.

Bill Sammon’s daughter is Brooke Sammon who is the press secretary for Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign.


A generally interested observer would consider this a conflict of interest worthy of full disclosure. However, none of the above have ever been publicly disclosed prior to the media presentation by any Fox entity.

During the Fox Business News debate several political junkies noted a rather curious omission: Senator Marco Rubio was never questioned about the 2013 Senate Gang-of-Eight bill and his stance on Comprehensive Immigration Reform. In fact, if you were to review the debate substance you’d note that candidate Rubio wasn’t directly questioned about his immigration positions at all.

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