Bill Hemmer signed off of ‘America’s Newsroom’ today after 12 years co-hosting the show on Fox News. The great news is that Hemmer will be staying with Fox News! The even greater news is that he’ll move into the 3 p.m. slot that belonged to Shepard Smith. Shepard Smith signed off of his 3 p.m. show in an abrupt departure in October of last year.

Hemmer’s co-worker Martha MacCallum tweeted out congratulations to Hemmer who will anchor ‘Bill Hemmer Reports’ weekdays at 3 p.m. Hemmer will be replaced by Ed Henry, who will co-anchor ‘America’s Newsroom’ alongside Sandra Smith.

Martha MacCallum tweeted:

“Bill, we started together on @AmericaNewsroom…exactly 10 years ago, this Monday 1/20/2020 – So excited for your new adventure at 3 pm! Bill Hemmer Reports! Can’t wait.”

Hemmer spoke briefly to thank his coworkers including the stage manager Ben:

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“I want to say this. I think what people on the outside of Fox don’t understand about the people who work at Fox is that I consider you a friend, also. And, Ben, I consider you a friend. And, everyone else around here on staff. And, that brings a certain unity to the process that we do every day and I think that’s really special and I consider it really important…a really important part about what we do.”

“We’re in it together in a significant way every day. So, not going far.”

Bret Baier tweeted out congrats to Hemmer:

Sandra Smith added: “Can I just add to that? There is not a person in this building,  inside or out,  that you mention Bill Hemmer’s name and they don’t say, ‘That’s a great guy.’ Because he is. And, he’s a great journalist.”


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