On Thursday, Tucker Carlson posted episode four of his new show Tucker on Twitter. In this episode, he called out Fox News for ousting a producer who called Joe Biden a “wannabe dictator.”

On Tuesday night, while former President Donald Trump was making his post-indictment remarks, Fox News showed a split screen of Trump speaking in New Jersey and Biden speaking at the White House.

The chyron read, “Wannabe Dictator Speaks at the White House After Having His Political Rival Arrested.”

Although the chyron was up on the screen for less than 30 seconds, it had a wide-ranging impact.

According to Carlson, “Inside Fox, the women who run the network panicked. First, they scolded the producer who put the banner on the screen. Less than 24 hours after that, he resigned.”

“[The producer had] been at Fox for more than a decade,” added Carlson. “He was considered one of the most capable people in the building.”


Carlson said that the producer offered to stay for the customary two-week period, but Fox told him to “clear out his desk and leave immediately.”

Fox News then issued a statement about the chyron, apologizing for its wording.

“The chyron was taken down immediately and was addressed,” the network said.

Despite Fox News’ best efforts to clean up the situation, other mainstream media outlets were quick to bash the network, freaking out over their criticism of Biden.

The Washington Post said that Fox “crossed the line” by calling Biden a wannabe dictator.

Actor John Cusack called for Fox to be shut down for its chyron, writing on Twitter, “If Fox is calling Biden an aspiring dictator while shilling for [T]rump who actually tried to overthrow democracy. The gov has to take away their broadcasting license.”

“They are a pro fascist propaganda house organ – and that rhetoric will get people killed – Fox should not be shown on any army base – when it’s calling the commander in chief an aspiring dictator,” Cusack added.


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