If you were watching Fox News this morning, you probably saw terror expert James Mitchell being interviewed regarding the latest Muslim attack in London. He was cut off mid-interview as soon as he started to name and shame who was responsible for the terror attack in London today.

The ironic thing is that the only thing Fox News put out about the interview was that we’re being too pc…LOL!

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Really Fox News? Why won’t they say WHO commits most terror attacks???

London Terror Attack…Gosh, I wonder who did it?

Officials are looking for terrorists who detonated a “bucket bomb” on a crowded London subway train. Twenty-two people were injured but it could have been much worse. The homemade bomb did not fully detonate. The IED was made with different items like “fairy lights” and was probably on a timer set to detonate.

We continue to see terrorism by Muslims…Why are we quiet about who does this?

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