Earlier today, President Trump sat down with Fox News hack host Chris Wallace. During the interview, the anti-Trump host attempted to shame President Trump for refusing to back down on his refusal to change the names of military bases to satisfy the far-left politically correct mob.

Wallace asked President Trump why he threatened to veto the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), reminding him that the act has bipartisan support. Wallace explained that part of the bill is focused on renaming bases named after Confederate generals. Instead of pausing to ask President Trump why he didn’t support changing the names of the Army bases, Wallace instead, cherry-picked other elements of the act to harm President Trump’s stellar reputation with the military. “This is a bill that funds military operations, it gives soldiers a pay raise,” asking, “You’re gonna veto that?”

President Trump responded, “Yeah. Because they’ll get their pay raise,” adding “I got soldiers the biggest pay raises in the history of our military.” He continued, “I got soldiers brand new equipment, brand new jets, brand new rockets, brand new $2.5 trillion… I did more for the military than any other president that’s ever had this office.”

Wallace interrupts Trump, refusing to give up on his goal of scoring a win against the president, “But you’re gonna veto this…?”

President Trump responded, “Because I think that Fort Bragg, Fort Robert E. Lee, all of these forts that have been named that way for a long time, decades and decades…”

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Chris Wallace interrupted again, “But the military says…”

President Trump stopped him, saying, “Excuse me—I don’t care what the military says, I’m supposed to make the decision,” adding, “Fort Bragg is a big deal. We won two world wars. No one even knows General Bragg.”

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Trump continued, “Go to that community, where Fort Bragg is, in a great state. I love that state–go to the community—say, ‘How do you like the idea of renaming Fort Bragg?” he asked.

“And then, what are we gonna name it? Are you gonna name it after the Reverend Al Sharpton?”

Mic drop.


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