Fox News has been slowly shifting to the left, and loyal viewers are taking notice of the daytime programming changes on what used to the only conservative-leaning cable news network in the business.

Last night, while waiting for the results to come in from the Democratic primary elections, Fox News’ Martha MacCallum and her anti-Trump co-host, Bret Baier asked President Trump’s youngest son, Eric, to share his thoughts on the two remaining candidates. “I think Biden’s gonna have a good night,” Eric predicted. “I think he has the momentum going into this,” he said, adding, “I don’t think Biden’s campaign wants him out front and center. Every single day, he’s making another gaffe.” Eric cited the argument he had with an autoworker, saying, “Today, he got into a fight with a bunch of union workers in Michigan, that was ugly. He was talking about AR-14’s.”

Eric pointed out that he thinks Biden’s campaign is trying to keep him out of the public eye.  MacCallum jumped in, saying, “Some people thought he looked good in that moment—that he looked strong and feisty.” MacCallum looked to Fox News co-host Bret Baier for support, who jumped in, adding, “Fiery, or something.”

Eric Trump responded, “I don’t think you look strong or fiery when you’re insulting the people you’re trying to get to vote for you,” reminding the Fox News hosts that he called a Pennsylvania voter “fat” as well. Eric reminded them that Biden insulted a voter who was “asking a basic question about his platform.”

Eric Trump told the hosts that if his father was behaving the same way as Biden with voters, the media is giving him a “pass,” saying, “If the roles were reversed, if my father was making the same gaffes as he was—” MacCallum could be seen turning her head away from Eric while he was talking, as she appeared to be giving her co-host an eyeball roll, Trump continued,  they would literally be trying to remove him from office.”

The rest of the interview continued in much the same way, as the Fox hosts addressed criticism President Trump is receiving from the media and Democrats then waiting for his son to defend him. Fox News even showed a montage of far-left media hosts attacking Trump over his handling of coronavirus. They made no attempt to defend him, as they turned to Eric, waiting for him to try to prove his father’s innocence.


Eric Trump was 100% correct about the media and how they’ve been working overtime to cover for Joe Biden threatening a voter in Michigan.

In the clip below, Andrea Mitchell appears to be praising Biden for the confrontation. Listen as she embellishes the video, saying the autoworker accused Biden of trying to “take away guns for supporting gun reform after the Newtown massacre.” There was NEVER any mention of Newtown or of a massacre. Mitchell also says Biden was “mixing it up.” Mitchell also changed the words Biden used when he told the voter he was “full of shit,” saying he said “you’re full of it,” clarifying that she was of course, “paraphrasing it.”

One person who didn’t think Biden was simply “mixing it up,” is Jerry Wayne, the Chrysler-Fiat autoworker Joe Biden threatened. Wayne appeared on Fox and Friends this morning where he told his side of the story:

Remember when Fox News used to be a relatively reliable place for conservative Americans to get their news? It’s interesting to note that all of the cable network’s top-rated shows are hosted by conservatives. It’s almost like they no longer care about their viewers after Fox & Friends and before 5 pm.

Also worth noting is that during Fox News’ “fair and balanced” town hall with Martha MacCallum and Bret Baier, President Trump was holding a press conference to address the single-worst one-day drop in the U.S. Stock Market related to coronavirus fears. MacCallum and Baier did not break away for President Trump’s important press conference, but instead, continued with Socialist Bernie Sanders town hall, uninterrupted.

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