Talk about sour grapes!

Carl Cameron came out to trash Fox News on MSNBC then got a dose of reality from his former network (see below).

He was asked about the departure of Shep Smith as host of Fox News every day and gave a blistering response to trash the network:

“It’s a big loss for Fox News Channel…and it says something about the way in which the cable channel has been for years shrinking the news department and building its right-wing entertainment hosts because that gets ratings, and ratings get revenue, and that’s how they make money. It’s a real sad day for people who watch Fox News and want accurate information because Shep was somebody who you could reliably count on.”

Cameron went on to say that this will now be the Brett Baier show and will be primarily supportive of Trump. Then Cameron bashed Trump further, exposing himself as the never-Trump reporter he always was on Fox News. He’s a bitter ex-employee with a political ax to grind.

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Mark Levin called out Carl Cameron after he left Fox News:

“Carl Cameron used to show up at conservative social gatherings when he was a reporter for Fox News. He was very comfortable hobnobbing with conservatives. His alleged disgruntlement with Fox & his new liberal site belies what I personally witnessed.”

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He probably didn’t expect Fox News to come back with a response after the interview below on MSNBC!

According to the Daily Caller, Fox News released a statement:

Tell that to Jennifer Griffin, whose report just went viral this week. Or Chris Wallace, Bret Baier, Bill Hemmer, Martha MacCallum, or Catherine Herridge, who have all done outstanding journalism.

Then Fox News got personal:

Carl Cameron left the network because he was no longer able to show up to work each day – he has a very short memory for our endless compassion, patience, and graciousness in dealing with his multitude of personal struggles.

Ouch! That had to hurt!

That backfired on Carl Cameron in a big way. Now, everyone knows he had “personal struggles.”

When Cameron left Fox News, he fired a shot across the bow, saying that the network was all biased in favor of Trump.

As soon as he jumped ship, he went with a left-leaning news source called Front Page Live, exposing himself to be the lefty he always had been. In the video below, Cameron disparages President Trump by calling him a “con man” and even pushes the Russia hoax:

The irony is that MSNBC is full to the brim with bias and propaganda.

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