Fox News host and former President George W. Bush press secretary, Dana Perino showed her true colors during a panel discussion on “The Next Revolution” with Steve Hilton, where they discussed the New York Time’s anonymous op-ed, allegedly written by a senior member of President Trump’s administration. To date, the New York Times has provided no evidence that the op-ed was actually written by a disgruntled anti-Trumper, or that the anonymous author is actually a member of President Trump’s senior staff.

When the outspoken, conservative communications director for Turning Point USA, Candace Owens posed the possibility that the “anonymous” author of the op-ed might not actually be working for the Trump administration, but may, instead, actually be working for the New York Times, an audible gasp could be heard from the panel. Fox News host Dana Perino appeared to be stunned that Owens would actually suggest that the New York Times was capable of such deception, and quickly worked to change the subject back to who, in Trump’s cabinet wrote the op-ed.

“How do we know it’s not just the New York Times publishing that?” Owens asked.

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The Bush-loving Dana Perino shot Owens a look that suggested she was stunned by her suggestion that the New York Times could  be capable of committing such an act of deceit.

Owens persisted, “How do we know? That’s all I’m saying is, how do we know?”

Fox News host Steve Hilton interrupted, “I genuinely can’t believe…” The Fox News hosts seemed desperate to shut up Owens, as Perino interjected, defending the New York Times, laughing off the idea that the New York Times would ever write the anonymous hit piece on Trump: “But we don’t know, there’s no transparency—there’s no transparency whatsoever. It’s anonymous. We’re taking this at face value.”

The group quickly routed the discussion away from Owens and back to who, in the Trump administration wrote the op-ed.


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