Fox News reporter Leland Vittert was reporting on-air last night in DC when the thugs destroying the city came for him.

Vittert was reporting from the White House in Lafayette Park when a mob turned their attention to him in a frightening scene.

He and his crew were surrounded and had to leave the area with no police protection.

Watch below as Vittert is swarmed by the thugs trying to stop his reporting:

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Vittert was followed and chased off by the mob at the White House:

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In the video below, Vittert is seen looking fearful as he’s lead away from the scene as the mob chases him:

Dan Bongino calls attention to Senator Elizabeth Warren stoking the hate earlier in the day with her comments against Fox News.

It’s being reported that the crew and Vittert were robbed and assaulted. We cannot confirm this, but it was frightening to watch a mob come for the reporter and crew.

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