Fox News’ Steve Doocy reported today that Joe Biden has answered “less than half” the number of questions President Donald Trump has responded to from the press.

Since August 31st, Axios reports that Joe Biden has answered 365 questions from the press and, President Trump has answered 753 questions. Has any other candidate for president had an easier time with reporters than Joe Biden? Probably not.

Questions have been raised about Joe Biden’s lack of willingness to go on the campaign trail. He’s missing from the campaign trail today. The speculation is that the bombshell report about emails involving influence-peddling when Biden was in the Obama administration has kept Biden in hiding.

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With the second debate canceled, it will be difficult to get answers from Biden, but there are plenty of videos from his campaign appearances last year.

It just depends on which Biden you believe. He has flip-flopped on just about every topic from fracking to the Green New Deal.

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