FOX News supporters need to start making some noise and getting rid of ass-clown Shepard Smith.

megyn smith

Like Megyn Kelly, who lost her supporters when she became obsessed with destroying Donald Trump, it’s time for Shepard Smith to go. Let’s face it, he would be much better suited for the small audiences of liberal viewers on CNN or MNSBC.

It’s time to go Shep…and today’s rant is a perfect example of why:

Remember the time Shepard Smith cut off his guest’s mic when they attempted to tie Black Lives Matter to the kidnapping and torture of the young special needs white man by 4 young black thugs?

It’s not the first time Hillary supporter Shepard Smith went off on an anti-Trump tangent. Watch him go off on Trump here and tell him what he needs to do to win the election. Great advice Shep. I guess it’s pretty clear Trump didn’t need your advice. LOL!

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