Today, at 6:46 am EST, Venezuela’s interim president, Juan Guaido tweeted a video, addressing the people of Venezuela and promising them immunity from the Military

Fox News’ Trish Regan summed up his comments with this tweet.

. asking his people to withdraw their country from the horrible and murderous socialist dictator who has held him hostage, promising immunity to the MILITARY. This week will be extremely important in the search for Venezuela’s freedom!!

At 10:48 am EST, Vice President Mike Pence tweeted a message of support to Juan Guaido, and citizens of Venezuela, telling him, “We are with you! America will stand with you until freedom and democracy are restored.

VP Pence’s tweet was followed up by a message from vocal anti-Maduro opponent, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), who blasted CNN for shamefully calling what’s happening in Venezuela a “coup attempt” when “Juan Guaido is recognized as the legitimate President of Venezuela, by constitution and over 50 countries & OAS.”

At 11 am EST today, Venezuela’s dictator Nicolas Maduro, tweeted that he has “Nerves of Steel!”, while putting the citizens of Venezuela who are protesting on notice that they will be met with the full force of his military. Maduro goes on to assure them the military “have expressed their total loyalty to the people, to the Constitution and to the fatherland. Here is his translated tweet:

Nerves of Steel! I have spoken with the commanders of all the REDIs and ZODI of the country, who have expressed their total loyalty to the people, to the Constitution and to the fatherland. I call for maximum popular mobilization to ensure the victory of peace. Venceremos!

Trish Regan, the feisty Fox News host tweeted back to Maduro, mocking him and his “nerves of steel” comment, while telling him he should take the deal offered to him by U.S. Ambassador John Bolton and leave Venezuela peacefully.

He says he has “nerves of steel”… Well, you’ll need them! His political end is now very close. You should accept the agreement and leave peacefully. It’s just the right thing to do.

The Fox News host proceeded to post a series of graphic videos showing the truth about what’s happening on the streets right now in the socialist utopia of Venezuela.

***WARNING***VIDEOS Are extremely graphic.

In what can only be described at gut-wrenching, National Guard members are seen in the video, allegedly turning against each other in the streets. The chaos and confusion of the soldiers can be seen, as they tear their own from armored vehicles, shooting them and commandeering their vehicles. The woman who appears to be taking the video can be heard screaming in horror, in the background.


Positively sick. All THIS to prop up a socialist dictatorship? should resign IMMEDIATELY + & should be ASHAMED for defending a MURDEROUS REGIME! Venezuela National Guard vehicle runs over protesters in Caracas:…

Now on -listen: You can listen to the shoot a mixture of pellets and live ammunition to the people while trying to suppress the uprising.

Only one hour ago, we published an article with a shocking video that shows an armored truck ramming into a crowd of citizens.

Today, on the streets of the socialist utopia of Venezuela, and an armored vehicle was caught on camera, as it drove into a large crowd of civilian supporters of opposition leader Juan Guaido on the street.

***WARNING***video is graphic.

Regan’s most recent tweet slams socialism, saying it will “never be the path forward – not in NOR in the ! She also predicts Maduro will fall.

I predict: ‘s political career has ENDED. Socialism will never be the path forward – not in NOR in the !


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