No woman should be working in these public housing units where they’re surrouded by men who are part of a culture where rape is a right.

The 16-year-old adolescent, questioned and incarcerated on Saturday following the rape of a hotel employee in Orléan the previous week, says that he acted at a friend’s request.
These two unaccompanied minors, of African origin, were placed in this institution by the social assistance for children department of the local council.

But one of the two adolescents apparently was very pressing towards the employee to the point where the young woman, in her 20s, ended up complaining about the sexual harassment she suffered each day. When alerted, the social services then decided to move the young man away and place him in the Children’s institution in Orléans.

But he maintained his ties with his friend who remained in the hotel. The latter, after having taken flight, handed himself in on Thursday. Although he admitted the rape, and the premeditation – he called his victim a few minutes before the attack to ask for a clean towel, saying he would meet her not far from the laundry room – he insisted that he only acted at the request of his friend, who wanted to get revenge on the employee. He says he was promied €100 to commit the crime.

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