Perhaps these are the “children” Obama was referring to when he mentioned how Republicans were apparently “afraid” of “women” and “”children coming from Syria.

Six young people were arrested on Wednesday night by gendarmes of the Rivesaltes company (Eastern Pyrenees) after having terrorised the passengers of a TER [regional train], yelling death threats and shouting “Allah Akhbar” through the train’s loudspeaker system.

The scene occurred around 10 pm on Wednesday evening, on the outskirts of Narbonne, in the train that travels between Avignon and Perpignan, with about 30 passengers on board at the time. “The ‘jeunes’ [young people] made death threats to the travellers, ordering them to put their mobile phones on the floor, and shouting: ‘Otherwise we’re going to kill you'” indicated a source close to the investigation.

The inspector of the train managed to bring the frightened passengers together in one carriage, and warned the gendarmes, who intervened when the train made an emergency stop at Salse-le-Château. There, two young girls, who were part of the group, were arrested, while the four boys managed to flee. But they were rapidly identified and arrested in the morning. They are now being held in detention by the gendarmes. Via: MidiLibre

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