Earlier this evening, Le Pen had security authorities on high alert, with rioting expected across the country in protest due to her election success.

Topless protesters wearing Donald Trump and Marine LePen masks were seen being dragged away from a polling place in France by police. Because nothing says I want a candidate who is willing to keep our nation safe from the massive invasion of Muslim immigrants which include an untold number of Islamic extremists who want to destroy our nation, like throwing on a mask and protesting topless at your local polling place.  

topless lepen and trump protesters

More than 50,000 police and gendarmes were deployed to the 66,000 polling stations for Sunday’s election, which comes after Thursday’s deadly attack on the Champs-Elysees in which a police officer and a gunman were slain.

A Femen activist wearing the mask of U.S President Donald Trump is taken away from the scene near a scrum of photographers
A Femen activist wearing the mask of U.S President Donald Trump is taken away from the scene near a scrum of photographers

French intelligence have warned of there would be “public disturbances in the case of the presence of parties in the second round that are extremist,” according to Le Parisien newspaper.

Le Pen has vowed to offer French voters a referendum to leave the EU and wants to leave the Euro, known as Frexit.

Pro-EU Macron, is against Brexit, but despite being a former socialist finance minister is standing a centrist independent candidate, who counts former US President Barack Obama as a supporter.

Conservative personality Paul Joseph Watson explains the critical importance of this election. “The world tried communism and it kinda didn’t work out.”:


Here’s the what the election results mean for France:
  • France could face ‘Frexit’ after far-right leader Marine Le Pen came second place ahead of election
  • Le Pen and independent centrist Emmanuel Macron beat two main parties to go head-to-head on May 7 
  • Republican candidate Francois Fillon conceded after he and far-left leader Jean-Luc Melenchon got 19.5%
  • France’s Prime Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, has called on voters to support Macron instead of Le Pen
  • This is the first time in 60 years none of France’s mainstream parties have entered the second round

In Besancon eastern France a stolen car was abandoned outside a polling station with the engine running.

Police found a hunting rifle inside the vehicle which had been disguised with stolen number plates.

In Rouen, Normandy, a gunman shot and wounded another man but the incident was classified as ‘non-terror related’.

Two other polling station, in Saint Omer, northern France, were evacuated because of a suspicious vehicle with Dutch number plates.

Ballots were cast in the wake of took place after a series of devastating terror attacks across France, but despite that armed police and soldiers are outlawed from protecting 67,000 French polling stations.

There had been a serious concern that groups including Islamic State would target the election.

However the 50,000 policemen and gendarmes that were only standby along with 7,000 soldiers were not required as the day went on.

The top two candidates Macron and Le Pen face an election run off for the French presidency on Sunday 7 May.  

Marine LePen is pictured casting her vote.
Marine LePen is pictured casting her vote.

The presidential poll is the first to be held during a state of emergency, put in place since the Paris attacks of November 2015.

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