European nations are in the fight of their lives to preserve their nations culture and heritage.

In 2016, Switzerland made the decision to deny citizenship to anyone who chooses not to assimilate with Swiss culture.

In the northern city of Basel, authorities rejected the naturalization application of two Muslim girls who refused to take required swimming lessons at school because boys would be present in the pool.

The girls, whose names were not disclosed, said their religion prevents them from participating in compulsory swimming lessons with males in the pool at the same time. Their naturalization application was rejected because the sisters did not comply with the school curriculum, Basel authorities said.

France, who has the largest Islamic population in Europe, is struggling to keep Muslim women from wearing full burkinis in public spaces, but Muslim women are fighting back.

Yahoo News reports – The two municipal swimming pools in the southeast French city of Grenoble have been shut down, despite the current heatwave, after a row over the use of full-body Islamic burkini swimsuit, the local mayor said Wednesday.

On Sunday, and last month, Muslim women clad in burkinis went to swim in the pools at the initiative of the Alliance Citoyenne rights group, despite a municipal ban on the full-body swimwear.

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The lifeguards at the pools asked for the shutdown because “they are there to maintain safety and they can’t do that when they have to worry about the crowds,” generated by the controversial swimsuits, the town hall said in a statement.

The row is the latest in France over face- and body-covering garments worn by Muslim women, which many perceive as subjugating women in a country with strict laws on secularism.

France — the country with Europe’s largest Muslim population — was the first European country to ban the full-veil in public spaces in 2011.

The European Court of Human Rights upheld the ban in 2014, rejecting arguments that outlawing full-face veils breached religious freedom.

Watch, as French residents join Muslim women to protest against the ban.

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In April, Sports Illustrated featured a burkini clad model in their iconic “swimsuit” edition, that’s always been a huge hit with men who like to see beautiful women clad in sexy bathing suits.

Is there anything sexy about Sports Illustrated’s photo of a fully covered woman lying in the water?

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