Dr. Phil Kerpen reports overnight that the state of Arizona is reporting COVID deaths for anyone who was found positive with COVID in a test within 60 days of that death:

How many of the above deaths are legitimately caused by COVID-19?  Why isn’t there one confirmed basis for counting deaths?

Meanwhile, the mainstream media runs articles claiming lower COVID-19 numbers: “Arizona reports relatively low new COVID-19 numbers as trends continue to improve.” So who can we believe?

“Friday’s dashboard shows 83% of inpatient beds and 78% of ICU beds in use, which includes people being treated for COVID-19 and other patients. COVID-19 patients are using 13% of all inpatient beds and 22% of ICU beds. Overall, 30% of ventilators were in use.

Most people who get the disease are not hospitalized. The state does not report the number of recovered cases, although it does report hospital discharges.”

Testing and record-keeping have been major nightmares as a result of the global pandemic. The inaccuracy of ’cause of death’ has become very common across many states and there is no explanation to be found. As states attempt to get children back to school in the next few weeks, who and what will be far-left media narrative blame next?

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