On Monday, a transgender woman was suspended from Twitter after suggesting that transgender people have a mental disorder.

Sara Higdon, a U.S. Army Veteran and current Director of Communications for a group called ‘Trans Against Groomers,’ recently tweeted that being transgender “is a mental disorder.” She wrote, “I mean when some wiring in your brain makes you feel more comfortable as the opposite sex, that’s an illness. Which I don’t think we should stigmatize mental illnesses either.”

Sara Higdon

Higdon was soon locked out of her Twitter account for violating the social media company’s rules against “hateful conduct,” despite the fact that she is a transgender woman who was speaking about her personal experience and beliefs about the community she belongs to.

The group Higdon belongs to, Trans Against Groomers, publicized the disciplinary action taken against Higdon by Elon Musk’s Twitter. The group addressed Musk in its tweet, saying, “[Elon Musk], our Director of Communications was just locked out of her Twitter account for saying that we shouldn’t stigmatize mental illness???”

Higdon spoke to The Post Millenial about the suspension on Musk’s Twitter, where the billionaire CEO had promised to uphold every user’s right to free speech.

“I thought the idea was that we need to destigmatize mental illnesses,” Hidgon said. “So by denying that Gender Dysphoria is a mental illness, doesn’t that alone stigmatize other disorders? And when a trans woman can’t even acknowledge her own illness for what it is, then how are we supposed to have a meaningful conversation on the matter?”

“This also shows that there is some cleaning up Elon has to do over at Twitter,” added Higdon.

Trans Against Groomers also pointed out Musk’s failure to uphold his promises regarding free speech, saying that he “still has people that don’t support free speech.”

It seems that Musk is still working out the kinks in his suspension processes because this is not the first Twitter account to be unreasonably removed from the platform. Last week, the Conservative Twitter account ALX was suspended after posting a video of Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi holding up the Ukrainian flag in Congress and saying “I wish we had leaders who put our country first.”

It was soon reported by Jack Posobiec that “tons of accounts” were suspended for posting criticisms of Zelensky’s speech in front of Congress last night. Posobiec suggested this was a “mass takedown campaign by Twitter.”

ALX also spoke to The Post Millenial about this suspension, saying, “Hopefully this was just an error and not an action taken by a remaining politically-motivated activist Twitter employee. I think this will be fixed soon, but I would like to find out how this happened.”

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