“No one knows how to raise a child better than a parent or a guardian. No one know how to educate a child better than a local teacher.”
Commissioner Miller talks about why he decided to put control back in the hands of the people who know what’s best for their children.

Hysterical comment from one of my Facebook friends regarding the food ban craze: So in other words the food police won’t stop until we’re all vegans who have to buy sugar from a Colombian drug lord? Sorry, but I’m going to have a bacon cheeseburger or a damn donut on occasion if I feel like it. I know the dangers, I stay active, and I’d rather enjoy a few guilty pleasures than live 10 more years nibbling on dried bananas or sucking lentil soup through a strainer. The same government that won’t ban GMO’s, an action nearly every European nation has taken, wants us to believe eating a slice of pizza and having a Coke is a death sentence or a crime against calories. Alrighty then; whatever keeps those purple little aliens from stealing your car and delivering your refrigerator to free range chickens on Craigslist. The key is, and always has been, moderation! Fried Chicken and Pie a la Mode, anyone? I’m a wanted food terrorist! – Facebook Friend Scott Davis

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