There is  a stunning sanctuary movement gaining momentum across Michigan and other counties across America.

Michigan’s Flag and Delta County Michigan

We previously reported that the constitutional patriots of Baraga County in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula voted to tell their putrid Ice Queen Governor, Wretched Gretchen Whitmer to go to Hell for her blatantly unamerican and unconstitutional actions.  Their leadership signed a letter expressing their sovereignty and revolt against the government’s “Unconstitutional Destruction of Our Citizen’s Economic Security and Liberty”


As her forehead cries out to be free, Ice Queen Michigan Governor Whitmer demands absolute subservience from the people of Michigan in 2020 and beyond


Now, another Upper Peninsula county is demanding the same.  Sanctuary Counties is a website which tracks places across the country that are declaring their sovereignty in solidarity with the second amendment or against Covid19 lockdowns.  They are reporting that:

Delta County in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (U.P.)


On January 11, 2021, the Delta County, Michigan Board of Commissioners passed resolution #21-01, “Support of Bar, Tavern and Restaurant Owners.” The resolution was passed with a unanimous vote.  Say Hell Ya To Da U.P.!


The Resolution reads as Follows and an image of it can be found at the bottom of this article:


Resolution # 21-01

Support of Bar, Tavern and Restaurant Owners

WHEREAS; that the members of the Delta County Commission stand in unison with the tax paying business owners of Delta County Michigan.

WHEREAS; the owners of restaurants, bars, taverns and other establishments have been forcibly shut down by directives issued by Director Gordon who serves at the pleasure of Governor Whitmer.

WHEREAS; these establishments have been given no consideration or compensation by Lansing.

WHEREAS; the Delta County Board of Commissioners recognizes that a citizen of the United States cannot be compelled to follow an unconstitutional law, or mandate such as the illegal and unevenly applied directives by Director Gordon, people are not compelled to patronize any such establishment.

WHEREAS; the members of the Delta County Board of Commissioners recognize and are sympathetic to the fiscal hardships caused by the mandated shut downs.

WHEREAS; the Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that the COVID -19 shut downs are unconstitutional, and the 9th amendment of the Bill of Rights, states the enumeration in the constitution of certain rights shall not be Construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

WHEREAS; the members of the Delta County Board of Commissioners declare Delta County Michigan a sanctuary county for businesses affected by the unconstitutional COVID-19 mandated shut downs.

WHEREAS; Board recognizes the fact that the local Sheriff and Prosecutor have no desire to attack the civil liberties of persons simply trying to make an honest living.


WHEREAS; this Board understands that Lansing has used the Department of Public Health and Liquor Control Commission to advance the political agenda of the Governor.

WHEREAS; Delta County Board of Commissioners understands that universally educated people, the citizens and taxpayers of Delta County are intelligent and informed individuals and do not need Lansing to bully or harass them into following any unconstitutional directives.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED; the duly elected members of the Delta County Board of Commissioners serve the citizens of Delta County and shall support no endeavor financially, or through ordinance that will in any way single out, harm, or discriminate against any business owner that opens their establishment with the responsible PPE and social distancing.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED; that this resolution does not have the power of Michigan Compiled Law and it cannot be used to avert MLCC or MDPH.

I, Nancy J. Przewrocki, Delta County Clerk and Clerk of the Delta County Board of Commissioners do hereby certify this to be a true and exact copy from the minutes of the special meeting of the Delta County Board of Commissioners held on January 11, 2021.

I, Nancy J. Przewrocki, Delta County Clerk do hereby set my hand and seal this 11th day of January, 2021.




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