“Christians don’t decapitate their bosses”…Well, you can’t argue with that logic…

Maybe they’ll re-think their “open-minded” decision post-radical Islam massacre…

On Thursday the administrative tribunal of Grenoble suspended a judgement of the municipality of Charvieu-Chavagneux, in Isère, which said it only wanted to accept Christian refugees because they “don’t decapitate their bosses”. The judgement was pronounced after a request for summary suspension filed by the prefecture of Isère, the latter declared in a statement.

The prefect initially asked the mayor to withdraw his judgement then initiated legal action when he refused to comply with his request. “The Charvieu-Chavagneux judgement seems to me to be liable to a double criticism on the basis of discrimination and the infringement of equality.

In this judgement approved unanimously by the municipal council on 8 September, Charvieu-Chavagneux town council said it wanted to “mitigate the irresponsible foreign policy of the state by welcoming a family of refugees, on the express condition that it is a Christian family.” The municpality explained its choice by declaring “that Christians don’t jeopardise the security of anyone else, they don’t attack trains armed with Kalashnikovs, they don’t shoot journalists in editorial meetings and they don’t decapitate their bosses as we saw happen only a few kilometres away from our town.” Via: Diversitymachtfreiblog

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