Freshman GOP lawmaker Madison Cawthorn said that the Republican Party remains united against “radical socialism” in the midst of highly publicized spats.

“Our party has never been more united,” Cawthorn told the Washington Examiner on Feb. 6, referring to questions about the GOP in the midst of Rep. Liz Cheney being censured by Republicans in Wyoming over her move to impeach former President Donald Trump last month, as well as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene losing her committee posts.

Republicans voted to allow Cheney to keep her leadership posts, although her reelection prospects have TANKED.

Cawthorn said that Republicans are becoming increasingly unified, despite them having differing ideological positions, around fighting off “radical socialism” in Congress.

“I made a statement that I think surprised a lot of my fellow colleagues. I said, ‘What just happened in that room tells me that the Republican Party has never been more united.’ Because we had the back of Liz Cheney, and we had the back of Marjorie Greene,” he said.

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“And that is because, no matter the faults of either of those women, we are here to fight against something that is so evil, and both of them are fighters, and we are here to go against this radical state of liberalism that has taken root in our country.”

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Cawthorn said he opposed Greene being stripped of her committee assignments last week, arguing that voters in her district in Georgia elected her.

“If whatever is being reported about Marjorie Greene is true, you know, obviously I condemn whatever those statements are,” he said. “They’re frankly bizarre. But, you know what, I am here to fight something much more evil. I am here to fight radical socialism that’s trying to take root in our country.”

“There are people like Congresswoman [Alexandria] Ocasio-Cortez, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who have said very dangerous things,” he said, referring to the Democratic representatives. “There’s a lot of double standard going on here in Washington.

“Once somebody does something after they’ve been elected, that puts it in a different category.”

Greene, for her part, wrote that the move to strip her of committee assignments is an extension of the leftist “cancel culture” that has crept into the American mainstream.

Democrats and some Republicans criticized her after controversial comments she had made on social media before she was in office.

“When the Democrats and 11 of my Republican colleagues decided to strip me of my committee assignments … you know what they did? They actually stripped my district of their voice. They stripped my voters of having representation to work for them,” she said on Feb. 5.


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