Sheriffs all around America are refusing to enforce the stay-at-home order. One California sheriff has a unique reason for not enforcing the order. A recent radio interview had Sheriff Margaret Mims explaining her reasoning for not stopping law-abiding citizens:

Trevor Carey of the Trevor Carey Show asked Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims:

“I’ve heard multiple sheriffs around the nation-state they will not enforce their governors’ shelter-in-place orders. Is that your position?

Sheriff Mims said that she wouldn’t enforce the lockdown because she was too busy re-arresting accused criminals set free under the state’s new “zero-dollar bail” policy:

“That is my position. We do not stop the public to find out what they’re doing when they’re not sheltering in place. We don’t ask those questions, we don’t ask if they’re ‘essential’. We’ve got our hands full trying to re-arrest people that are released due to zero-dollar bail. So we’ve got other things that are on our mind that are more important than stopping normally law-abiding citizens.”

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In 2018, Governor Jerry Brown abolished cash bail because it was considered discriminatory:

Brown called money bail “an obvious tax on poor people in California” that “languish in the jails of this state even though they have been convicted of no crime.” Brown said at the time his goal was to release more people awaiting trial.

This is all because of “Liberal Logic” by Moonbat Jerry Brown (pictured below), who is a big reason why California’s economy is a disaster right now.




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