Remember the good ole’ days, when the top sitcoms like “Cheers” and “Friends” were actually funny, and Hollywood writers weren’t more concerned with making political points than making their audiences laugh?

For everyone who’s been wondering what the cast of Friends has been up to and how they look 15 years after calling it quits, here’s your chance.

In June, during an appearance on the Ellen Show, Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston told Ellen Degeneres that she and her co-stars would do a reunion show.

55-year old actress Courtney Cox, who played Monica Geller on the sitcom, shared a selfie on her Instagram account that showed her reuniting with 50-year-old Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel Green and 52-year-old Matthew LeBlanc, who played Joey Tribbiani.

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“A rare night and I love it,” the 55-year-old actress captioned her selfie with Aniston and LeBlanc.

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Cox also posted an image with Lisa Kudrow, who played “Phoebe” on the hit show “Friends.”

On June 14th,  Courtney Cox celebrated her 55th birthday with her gal pals from “Friends.” She posted a photo of herself with Aniston and Kudrow the following week.

Cox also posted this close up photo with the Friends girls, who still appear to be close.

Lisa Kudrow posted a photo from the girls night out.

She also posted an iconic photo of the Friends cast with the caption:

Celebrating a Thursday night 25 years ago.
We might be in different places but we are connected💕🍩🤳#STILLTHEREFORYOU #FRIENDS#friends25thanniversary

Raise your hand if you’re grateful these stars entertained us for 10 years in one of the best sitcoms to ever appear on TV.



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